This page provides information to help you get settled in…

  • Registration & Membership Fees
  • Training
  • Matchdays
  • Kit
  • Code of Conduct & Knebworth Values
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It costs over £9,000 per season to run the Seniors section (First and Reserves teams); we’re fortunate to have some generous sponsors who subsidise membership and the rest comes from the players.

Know a potential sponsor?
If you think someone could sponsor us for as little as £140 (less than £3 per week) then pass their details to seniors@knebworthfc.co.uk – it could mean new kit or reduced membership fees…

Registration & Membership Fees
Registration to the Club is done online; there is a registration fee (£30) and membership fee (equivalent of £10 per month, over nine months) which totals £120; registration to the league is by completing a paper form. We’ll only register players to the league if they’re eligible.

There are no match fees or training fees. Student membership (for those away at university for most of the season) is available on request.

Any fines incurred by you (e.g. for red and yellow cards or Respect charges) must be paid within 7 days of receiving notice from the club.

In August, training is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 19:00-21:00 at Knebworth Recreation Ground; directions here. You’re expected to arrive ready to start at the appointed start time. The facility is a natural turf surface.

From September, training is held on Wednesdays, 20:00-21:00 at Round Diamond School in Stevenage; directions here. You’re expected to arrive ready to start at 20:00. The facility is a 3G surface.

Matchdays – home fixtures
Home matches are at Knebworth Recreation Ground; directions here.

Before the match the goals need to be carried out (they’re stored off the pitch to protect the goalmouths; nets are already attached), sponsor boards need to be hooked onto the pitch barrier, corner flags put out and a few other tasks; everyone is needed to help.

After the match, everything needs to be brought back in; goals, sponsor boards, corner flags etc. Again, everyone is required to help.

Everyone is encouraged to meet up at the pub afterwards; currently we go to The Red Lion in Woolmer Green.

The Rec

Kit & Equipment
The Club will supply match shorts and socks at the start of the season; it is the player’s responsibility to look after their own match shorts and socks.

Replacement items need to be purchased from KC Sports in Stevenage.

From time to time we get sponsorship for t-shirts, jackets etc, where KnebFC provides branded kit it remains the property of the Club and the player is responsible for looking after it; a deposit may be required.

Code of Conduct
We have a standard Code of Conduct, adopted from The FA, which you will agree to follow as part of your registration and membership; the full form can be viewed during the online registration process.

Knebworth Values
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re all here for the love of the game and all contributing to each other’s enjoyment, be that players, volunteers, supporters, match officials, even opposition (we need someone to play against!). So here’s a few ways to show respect to each other, the facilities, and everyone around us:

  • retrieve footballs – they cost money and ultimately that costs you money in fees
  • respect the Club kit and equipment – replacing it costs you money in fees
  • put litter in the bin, including sock tape from the pitch, even if it isn’t yours – it damages the mower, and repairing it costs you money in fees
  • if you see someone doing a task, like doing the pitch rope or sweeping up, offer to help – the quicker it is done, the quicker we can all relax in the bar
  • don’t wash your boots in the shower or sink – the drains stink when they’re blocked and it’s very costly to get them cleared, which ultimately costs you money in fees
  • shut the external doors – we don’t want to be heating the whole park – guess what, it costs you money in fees
  • if you think someone needs help or support, ask them – don’t take no for a first answer but don’t pester
  • be nice to people

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