ExtraStaff rewards

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To generate success in an environment where commitment and behaviour are rewarded


  • Commitment – we want players to be committed to the Club and their teammates by being available to play matches regularly
    • Reward for appearances
  • Performance – we want to reward success
  • Discipline – we want the players to conduct themselves in manner which respects the officials, opposition, their teammates and the Club
    • Forfeit of reward(s) for sin bins
    • Reward for improved discipline record
      • 2018/19: 45 yellow, 4 red (only 1 for second yellow), 1 misconduct (sin bin threshold); from 56 games
      • 2017/18: 55 yellow, 7 red (only 2 for second yellows), 2 misconducts (1 sin bin threshold, 1 excessive sin bin behaviour); from 58 games
      • 2016/17: 72 yellow, 2 red (only 1 for second yellow), 3 misconducts (all sin bin threshold); from 60 games
  • Social – we want the players to enjoy the social element of being part of a Club
    • Foster team bond with regular events and by attending the pub together post-match


There are 12 returning players who made 20+ appearances in 2018/19, they’ll have 25% of their 2019/20 membership fee covered by Extrastaff:
Jason Fleet
Max Smith
David Bass
Alex Brookes
Scott Betts
Alfie Pettitt
Joe Smith
Jian Earle
Kieran Flynn
Charlie Pratt
Callum McKechnie
Sam Nelson

To activate the reward, they’ll need to post their thanks on social media with a photo of them in front of the ExtraStaff advertising board.

Cup runs are rewarded; in 2018/19 we reached one semi-final, so there’s £50 into a kitty for a social event – more details to follow in due course.