Facilities: Knebworth Recreation Ground: Pavilion guidance

Unlocking the pavilion
Unlock front door using large square key.

When you open the door the alarm will begin to sound, flash the grey fob across the sensor on the alarm keypad on your right as you go in. It should stop.

Light switches are on the left as you go in the door.

Kitchen door uses the same key. Small key opens the key box on the far side of the kitchen. Changing room keys are on the top row and should be returned there – they should never leave the building.

Back door is on a push bar but the handle from the outside works the same as the front door.

Cleaning equipment is in the referees’ changing room, last door on the left before the back door.

Don’t lock yourself out
The door handles are rigid if the lock is ‘on’. So if the door shuts, the door is locked – don’t lock the keys inside!

Locking up the pavilion
Return cleaning equipment to the referees’ changing room.

All lights should be off – check all the changing rooms as other people might have been in without you knowing. The lights for the toilets by the front door are automatic, just shut the doors.

Flush all toilets and shut all other doors.

Ensure all changing room keys are in the key cupboard and it is locked.

Swipe the fob across the alarm sensor and press ‘A’ to arm it.

Close the door and lock the door – check the handle is locked/rigid.

Lock the main gate using the padlock.

Any issues contact:

  • Stuart Biddle – 07974 938651
  • Clare Biddle – 07967 140219
  • Sean Westcott – 07793 654816
  • John Boyle – 07970 535005

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