Vacancies: Seniors

We’re looking for volunteers to help run our First team and Reserves, mainly on Saturdays.

Matchday helpers
Pavilion manager
– unlock the facility
– welcome opposition and match officials
– run the tea/coffee bar
– lock up the facility

Pitch supervisor
– ensure pitch is safe and playable
– ensure the match equipment (goals etc) has been safely installed ready for games
– maintain match equipment (basic, light DIY)
– ensure match equipment (goals etc) is securely away after games

Team assistant
– ensure equipment and kit is ready for the games
– ensure equipment is collected in and maintained
– write the teamsheet and exchange with opposition and match official(s)
– report the results as necessary

Non-matchday helpers
Sponsorship officer
– secure sponsorship for the teams
– ensure sponsors are recognised for their support

Programme printer
– print copies of the matchday programme

League representative
– attend league meetings and report as necessary

Special projects
There’s loads we could do to improve the club but we’re too busy with the day-to-day to focus on special projects to drive the club forward – could you help us develop the club?

Get in touch!
If you can help, we’d love to hear from you: