Youth teams

Youth report – Sat 10/Sun 11 April 2021

U13 Tigers show great resilience

The long awaited game between Knebworth U13 Tigers and Hatfield Comets was played out on Sunday at Knebworth Rec under blue skies, and on a fast pitch. 

It was self billed as the game of the season for these two teams, and it lived up to the hype. Both teams gave their all, and Hatfield came in at the break with a commanding lead, and looked to have the game sown up. The Tigers however were not finished, and showed great perseverance and tenacity to take the game to the visitors and claim the spoils for the second half. Whilst the Tigers didn’t manage to score quite enough goals to win the game, the effort was more than enough to make their coaches and spectators very proud. A goal by JH direct from a corner was a piece of great skill, MN made several last defender runs to stop shots, and GJ worked tirelessly on the wing both in attack and defence. Well done lads!

Player of the match was JR for some great saves and bravery in coming off his line and diving at the feet of the onrushing opposition.

Thank you to our new sponsors Fenton Engineering whose shirts were worn at Knebworth Rec for the first time this season.

U8s back in league action

Saturday morning saw all three U8s teams back to League fixtures with energetic and dedicated performances from all the players.

U8 Lions pleased to be back

The Lions were first up at home with a feisty game against a talented Wodson Park U8s. The players showed real commitment and desire and there were some slick passing moves on display – well done! Player of the Match was EC. 

U8 Lions player of the match EC

The Tigers followed and showed fantastic spirit, they were clearly happy to be back on the pitch. All of the players were incredibly positive and loved being back at the Rec. They played a hard fought game and showed great determination and positivity. 

U8 Tigers excited to be playing
U8 Tigers in action at The Rec

The Leopards played away at Wheathampsted against the U8 Panthers and thoroughly enjoyed their game. Player of the Match was awarded to Dominic for his excellent all-round goalkeeping. Special mentions to Harry for his goals and Ryan, as captain, led by example. Bradley and Alex made good interceptions in defence and Max and Leon showed good energy and determination in midfield. 

Well done to all the U8s for a fantastic return to football!

U10s Oranges

The U10 Oranges were back in League action at the Rec against Wheathampsted Wanderers Tiger Sharks. The Oranges started well with some good early attacks, some shots hit the woodwork but the Tiger Sharks were clincal. By Quarter 3, the Oranges showed great energy and pressure on their opponents and they battled hard to win the ball. Jacob made some terrific strikes on target, as did Seb in Quarter 4. 

The Oranges never gave up and kept on going but just couldn’t beat a strong Tiger Sharks team with some very strong players. All-in-all it was a great end-to-end game with Thomas player of the week and Tyler back from injury. The important thing was that the 8 players were back playing League games together again. 

U10s Oranges in action

Youth teams

Youth report – Saturday 12 December 2020

U8s Lions keep their Pride

The Lions enjoyed a well balanced match against tough opposition, in pretty challenging conditions.

The boys showed good discipline and grit to keep the match close, with excellent passing play throughout. JL made some excellent darting runs down the wings, and TM kept close marking throughout. EH scored a well finished first-touch goal, pouncing on a tight cross from HC. The boys were really pleased with their team performance, and listened well to coaches’ instruction. After spending time trailing the team kept their spirits up and continued to play positively.

ATEC Mechanical and Electrical Services player of the match: ZP for his spirited defensive play

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Seniors – Family Ties

Stuart Biddle writes…

Since reforming in 1999, we’ve had over twenty sets of brothers playing for the Seniors and even a few father/son combos.

Callum McKechnie, who features on the list with his brother Marcus, prompted my interest in which brothers have made the most appearances for the Seniors since 1999…

So we start with the talented Dance family… slightly out of sequence as I’ve now added others!

Dance (15/2)                      Bobby (11/2) and Joe (4)

Father Danny (something of a local football legend) also played for the Club at some time in the late Seventies and/or early Eighties, and, having read the committee minutes from the time, helped build the stand and dug outs at the Old Knebworth Lane ground where Odyssey Health Club is – those structures remain to this day! Brother Riki also made a couple of friendly appearances but we don’t count those.

Kersey (2/1)                       Ashley (1/1) and Paul (1)

Hickin (12/2)                      Konnor (11/2) and Josh (1)

Yates (17/1)                        Andrew (14) and Rob (3/1)

Klimek (17/7)                     Andrew ‘Butch’ (16/7) and Mark (1)

Adamson (23/2)                Jake (22/2) and Alfie (1)

Gutzmore (29/10)            Kadeem (20/9) and Leon (9/1)

Ellis/Klimek (34/16)         Ryan Ellis (18/4) and Kieran Klimek (16/12)

Small (35/4)                        Dorian (21) and Ricardo (14/4)

Webb (43/9)                       Dan (25/1) and Tony (18/8)

Forde (43/15)                     Jono (41/15) and Darren (2)

Stephenson (46/24)        Sam (28/20) and Dan (18/4)

Lucy (50/5)                          Alex (39/5) and Joe (11)

Tear (51/4)                          James (31/2) and Matt (20/2)

Paine (61/10)                     Casey (52/9), Jake (7/1), Josh (2)

Wheeler (65/14)               Charlie (54/10) and Jed (11/4)

Gilbert (72/58)                  Louis (50/48) and Jack (22/10)

Kenna/Thomas (77/29)  Liam Kenna (75/29) and Dean Thomas (2)

Travi-Wombwell (80/7)  Billy (52/3) and Adam (28/4) – not actually brothers but they seemed to be!

Errington (91/2)                 Craig (82/1) and Liam 9/1) – nor are these two!

Miles (97/13)                     Jordan (56/11) and Aaron (41/2)

Fuller (104/28)                   Graham (80/19) and Rob (24/9)

Douglas (111/12)              Tom (67/9) and Ricky (44/3)

Lamacraft (125/41)          Adam (69/35), Sean (33/1), Glen (23/5) – more on this family below…

Evans (125/51)                  Seb (94/31) and Louie (31/20)

Dove (126/25)                    Graham (80/12) and Richard (46/13)

Downham (143/48)         Danny (117/45) and Ben (26/3)

Bennett (163/59)              Luke (144/57) and Tom (19/2)

Clark (164/42)                   Wayne (85/4) and Jamie (79/38) – another unrelated pair included for a laugh

Bysouth (178/26)              Alex (146/24) and Sam (32/2)

Bickell (179/27)                 Darren (165/27) and Dean (14)

Taylor (192/15)                  Max (97/5) and George (95/10)

Pratt (204/69)                    Charlie (164/69), Jake (11), James (Brooke) (29)

Oram (208/26)                   Will (144/9) and Tom (64/17)

Thompson (269/16)         Danny (144/11) and Matt (125/5)

And now to the top three…

McKechnie (287/35)        Marcus (164/26) and Callum (123/9)

The Knebworth born and raised McKechnie brothers edge out founding members the Thompsons.

Matthews (313/59)         Stewart (212) and Martin (101/59)

Second on the list are goalkeeper and striker pair the Matthews brothers, another set of homegrown players.

Mattia (347/67)                 Angelo (239/64) and Rafael (108/3)

And topping the list are the Mattias including Angelo who held the appearance and goalscoring records from early on until surpassed by Lewis Coward (281/21), Danny Griffiths (253/26) and Sam Harte (242/33) for appearances, and Frazer Triggs (208/129), Paul McCormack (126/83), Jason Drackford (115/82), Jamie Drackford (124/74) and Charlie Pratt (164/69) for goals.

We’ve also had nine father/son combinations that I’m aware of, excluding those that only coached/played; most notably Martin Bond and his son Jon (221/6) who reformed the Seniors in 1999 having finished Youth football.

Winn (3)                               Gary (2) and Callum (1)

Gary played for the original Club before it folded so he actually made far more appearances.

Klimek (17/12)                   Kieran (16/12) and Mark (1)

Like others on this list, Mark played for the Ks in his pomp and even managed the side for a time. He was a popular and talented local sportsman who sadly passed away.

Paine (73/10)                     Casey (52/9), Jake (7/1), Josh (2), and Martin (12)

Martin joined as player/coach in early 2010s having played a good standard of non-league football, and is another popular local football figure.

Bass (89/9)                          Dave (70/4) and Jack (19/5)

Dave had three seasons with us and quickly emerged as a leader of the team and captaining the First Team. Jack played one season, his first in adult football.

Bowgett (92/20)               Tom (90/20) and Paul (2)

Father Paul made two appearances for the Ks, having previously captained Wealdstone to the first-ever non-league double of FA Trophy and Conference title in 1985.

Mulcahy (97/16)               Ian (68/16) and Sam (29)

Ian joined to play for the Reserves under childhood friend Tony Lamacraft, and went on to become Reserves manager. The mercurial Mulcahy was a popular member of the Club.

Lawrence (99/4)               Lee (96/4) and Joe (3)

Lee was the first Club captain when the Seniors were reformed in 1999 and guided the young team through its first few seasons.

Lowe (120/30)                   Kevin (109/30) and Oliver (11)

Kevin Lowe played for Knebworth throughout the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties (as far as I know) and is well known local football circles, famous for his drop of the shoulder. In the twilight of his footballing days, Kevin played for the reformed Seniors in the early 2000s; often going on mazy runs which ended with him finding the net.

Lamacraft (156/45)          Adam (69/35), Sean (33/1), Glen (23/5), and Tony (31/4)

Father Tony, who sadly passed away in 2014, played for the Club soon after it reformed and later became Reserves and then First Team manager. He also coached our youth teams for many years and was chairman of the youth football club as it then was for three years.

Pratt (205/69)                    Charlie (164/69), Jake (11), James (Brooke) (29), Jeff (1)

Jeff made one appearance which is just enough to get the Pratt family on to the this list! Charlie’s 164 appearances give the family a comfortable lead which is likely to stand for many years to come.

So that’s the list – for now!

Youth teams

Youth reports – Saturday 5 December 2020

U11s Jaguars Silvers enjoy new kit!

In what was an evenly matched game, The Silvers returned to match action against Lemsford Youth. Making the return to football even more special, it was our first game in our new kit very kindly sponsored by Commercial Body Fittings Ltd. The game was a nail biter, both teams scoring excellent goals and keeping the watching parents on edge to the very end. The Silver Jags played with an excellent attitude, showed resilience and plenty of self belief.

U11s in their new kit, kindly sponsored by Commercial Body Fittings

FH – excellent in goal, very quick off his line to sweep up dangerous through balls.
MT – brave defending, big heart and rewarded with a well deserved goal.
HJG – Made important tackles and passing from defence was excellent.
LW – Not much got past him, excellent defending and comfortable on the ball.
MKK – Showed good versatility playing well in defence and right midfield. Almost scored.
MA – Typical high energy performance, closing down quickly and looking to attack at every opportunity..
OE – showed most improvement. Influential playing at CDM.
BG – Excellent skill playing right wing, created chances and scored himself.
NZ – Positive play on left wing, was always a danger to the opposition and unfortunate he had to leave the game early with injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
OP – Was fantastic in midfield and covered every blade of grass; very influential performance.
MZ – led our attack well. Scored a wonder goal from long range and showed excellent link up play with midfield.

Commercial Body Fittings Ltd player of the match: OE – Was the player that showed most improvement. Enjoyed playing at CDM where he made important tackles, blocking shots and showed improved passing distribution which helped us turn the ball over and start attacks.

U8s Leopards enjoy fantastic return!

Great team co-ordination, ball skills and listening to coach Erika by the U8 Leopards in a close-matched game against Whitwell U8s.

U8s Leopards

A chilly morning at Whitwell Rec did not stop these fiesty young players from taking the lead in the final quarter. Great passing, tackling and defending – some amazing goals too!

A chilly morning at Whitwell Rec did not stop these feisty youngsters from demonstrating some great passing, tackling and defending. The Leopards showed their supporters what a brilliant team of players they are!

ATEC Mechanical and Electrical Services players of the match:
MJ for a fantastic all-round performance
HC for outstanding attacking play

ATEC players of the match: MJ and HC