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Mick’s Football Memories – part 1

Mick Cooper is a Club volunteer and former Knebworth player, and was a long-standing committee member of the Herts Senior County League.

In nearly seventy years of playing, administrating and watching football I have many happy memories to look back on.  My earliest memory takes me back to 1953, as a seven year old.  That was the time when Knebworth Primary School decided to provide football training as part of our games lesson.  On a Wednesday afternoon we would queue up at the school gates, waiting to be taken up to Knebworth Rec. to play football on what is now A2 pitch.  The only problem was that I, like many of the boys did not have a pair of football boots.  Times were difficult after the Second World War and finances were strained.  The boys that did have football boots were given a football kit and played a match under the jurisdiction of the teacher.  Those of us who did not have boots were designated to play in what was known as “The Scraps”.  This meant we chased a football around the rec., still dresse    d in school uniform and under no control what so ever from the teacher.  As there was only one teacher available he would choose to organise and control the boys with boots and a kit who were playing a match.  This proved to be a regular occurrence, much to the dismay of my parents, as I would come home plastered in mud from head to toe, with my school uniform filthy.

At about this time we were given an old television with a nine inch screen and a large glass object, tinted pink, which was placed in front of the screen, this was a magnifying glass.  On this I watched my first football match, a floodlit friendly between Wolverhampton Wanderers and a team from Argentina, who they comprehensively thrashed by five goals to one.  Having watched this, with Wolves becoming the first English team I had seen play, I immediately became their number one supporter.

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