Mick's Football Memories

Mick’s Football Memories – part 13

The football club committee always sat on a Monday evening at the pavilion to select team(s) for the following Saturday. There was no such thing as a manager or coach at this level.

Not only did I get to train with the players on that August evening (mentioned in memories number 12), but I was also invited to join the club. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity.

I got to play a few games for the reserves that season, when they were short of players. The first of these was the very first game of the season, when many regular players were away on holiday. It was against Leggatts Way Old Boys Reserves, for whom this would be their very first game in the County league. Leggatts Way Old Boys first team had joined the league the previous season and won Division Two at their first attempt. This fixture was to be a double header with both Knebworth teams visiting. Leggatts played on an enclosed piece of grass on the corner of Courtlands Drive, Watford, and the A41, which has now been developed on. Their changing rooms were at the old Leggatts School and once changed you had to walk along the service road adjacent to the A41 and in front of a row of houses to the pitch.

Knebworth first team played first and lost 3-1, the reserves then played and lost 10-1. I played left back that day and spent most of the afternoon chasing shadows. Leggatts Way Old Boys would become arguably the most successful team in the post war history of the Herts. County League, winning 7 Premier Division titles and 4 Aubrey Cups.

The 1961/62 season concluded with Leavesden Hospital winning the Herts. County League Premier Division and their reserves Division One. Longwell (Stevenage) won Division Two and Leggatts Way Old Boys Reserves Division Three. Knebworth first team finished a very creditable fourth in Division One and the reserves finished third from bottom in Division Three. St.Albans City Reserves defeated Leavesden Hospital 2-1 in the Aubrey Cup final.

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