Mick's Football Memories

Mick’s Football Memories – Part 14

The 1962/63 season saw the first organised youth football as an under eighteen’s league was formed. Knebworth entered a team in the league which played it’s matches on Sunday afternoons. Most of the boys who had played up the rec. on Sunday mornings, since we were young, played for this team. The team played on the main pitch and some of us were now playing Saturday and Sunday afternoons. That was not the only progression, as we now had black football boots with white stripes and moulded multi studded soles.

The main issue this season was the harsh weather with heavy snow and hard frosts during January, which did not relent until late March and caused the Herts. County League competition to be cancelled. When the weather did relent an emergency competition was played. The Aubrey Cup competition did get completed however, with Marconi Instruments beating Borehamwood Saints 5-1 in the final.

In the Amateur Cup Hitchin Town again reached the semi-finals but were soundly beaten 4-0 by Sutton United, who in turn were beaten 4-2 by Wimbledon in the final.

There were to be some major changes in amateur football at the end of the season.

The way it was structured in the south east was such that the Isthmian League was regarded as the top league, followed by the Athenian League, the Corinthian League, the Delphian League, the Spartan League and the London League. For the start of the 1963/64 season Enfield, Hendon, Hitchin Town and Sutton United were invited to join the Isthmian League and transferred from the Athenian League. The Athenian League then incorporated the Corinthian and Delphian leagues into its set up. The original Athenian League became the Premier Division, the Corinthian League Division One and the Delphian League Division Two. All the teams in the Corinthian and Delphian leagues transferred to the Athenian League, with the exception of Stevenage Town, who moved to the Southern League and turned semi-professional. They had moved from their old London Road ground to a new ground on Roaring Meg South at Broadhall Way.

While all these changes were taking place I continued to watch Hitchin Town, whenever the opportunity presented itself.

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